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A leading health magazine of Ireland says that this type of operation is performed not only in India but also in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Japan and a host of other developed counties where it is not only recognized but also popular.


Help your most hard working muscle keep working.


Not only the brain, but the whole neuro-system of your body.


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A pioneer in the field of rectal surgery, Dr. Partha Sarker has been dealing with various types and cases of ano-rectal problems and their permanent solutions for more than 21 years. His method of treatment has been accepted world over and has been credited as one of the unique methods of treatment and solution. His high level expertise has seen even the most critical cases which failed to find remedy elsewhere getting completely cured. Dr. Sarkar had been associated with Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, Kolkata. He also has the experience in working at 4 Government hospitals. For the last 21 years he has been associated with various private hospitals and has attended numerous seminars and conferences in India and abroad which have added even more experience to his credential. The treatment method that Dr. Sarkar follows has been recognized by WHO, AIIMS (New Delhi), PGI (Chandigarh) and a host of other boards and institutions. His method of treatment relieves a patient from the trauma of operation, long-term hospitalization, high expense to name a few. Patients return back to their normal life in a day or two. To start up, Dr. Sarkar goes on an in-depth counseling session with the patient to find out not only the physical problem but also guide the patient morally and psychologically through out the treatment procedure. Tests and medical investigations are done as and whenever required before the operation. These are then followed by the actual surgery.
A cheerful figure, an amiable personality and an easy to approach attitude play the magic on patients. Some call him savior, others treat him as God. But whatever one calls him, in a nutshell he has been serving the needy for better life.

Cases Operated by Dr. Partha Sarkar

Problem & Curability
Are you suffering from any of these problems? Piles, Fistula, Fissure or any complicated cases of Piles, Fistula & Fissure like Water-Cane Fistula, Prolapse Piles, Pilonidal Sinus, Recto-Vaginal Fistula etc.
If yes, then your relief from all of these problems is here with us. Here at Probe Diagnostic Center, an ISO 9001:2000 company, Dr Sarkar, an expert in ano-rectal surgery performs a special type of operation using chemical-cuttery or thermo-cuttery resulting in more than 99.4% of success rate. Not only this, the patient is not made unconscious during operation and can return back home walking immediately after the operation. Loss of blood during operation is next to zero and there is no need of any bed-rest during the post operative period. So don’t delay any further. Contact Dr Sarkar now for your life-time relief…

Why Choose Us Only?

Some of the best known reasons to choose us above others are enumerated below:
• We offer more than 99.4% success rate.
• Our method of operation / surgery has been recognized by WHO.
• We are also recognized by Govt. of West Bengal.
• This method of operation / surgery has also been accepted by AIIMS, new Delhi and PGI, Chandigarh where this
• procedure is currently being adopted.
• The American Journal of Proctology on page 39 – 40 of Feb, 2008 issue says – “…is an ideal method and is probably the best
• of all known techniques so far.”
• Indian J Med res (8) 94 on page 177-185 of June 91 issue says – “…offers an effective, ambulatory & safe alternative.”
• We offer the overall treatment package at a very nominal cost.
• In case of failures, we are liable to conduct further operations at free of cost (only medicinal charges need to be borne
• by patients).
• Operation is carried out without anesthesing the patient. Even if anesthesia is required then it is of short
• duration general anesthesia.
• We conduct practically bloodless operation.
• Our operation does not require any stitches.
• Patient need not stay in hospital after operation and can even walk back home on the very same day. Even if he has to stay in
• hospital then its of a maximum of 1 to 2 days.
• Blood transfusion is not at all required during / after operation.
• In a nutshell this operation of ours is totally painless.

Brief History

The operation procedure which we follow here at the Advance Research Institute of Ano-rectal Surgery was said about 3 thousand years ago in Ayurveda. 

In 1967 Dr D. N. Udupa, MS, FRCS (LOND), the then Dean of Medical Faculty of Beneras Hindu University made some modifications & alterations in this procedure. He stunned the nation by successfully operating upon some patients by using this procedure. The then Indian Government acknowledged his feat by conferring upon him one of the highest civilian awards of the nation – “The Padmabhusan”.

Keeping the basic logic of the operation intact but bringing in a massive change in its procedure and infusing it with modern technology, Dr Sarkar is carrying forward this legacy here in Kolkata.

Different Forms of Complications We Handle

The followings are considered under the complicated cases of some common ano-rectal problems:
• Water-Cane Fistula
• Prolapse Piles
• Pilonidal Sinus
• Recto-Vaginal Fistula etc.

Here at Advanced Research Institute of Ano-Rectal Surgery we deal with all the above types of diseases and even guarantee a 99.4% of recovery rate after our operation / treatment.

Our Commitments
In case the operation carried out on a patient is not successful then we are liable to carry out further operations at absolutely free of cost. However the patient needs to bear the cost of medicines under such circumstances.
To know more on this issue please contact our help desk within office hours between Monday to Saturday. Alternatively you may send us an email at getwell@drpsarkar.com and we would get back to you at our earliest.

Pre / Post Operation Benefits

Following are some of the benefits among many pertaining to pre and post operations:
• No Huge money needs to be invested to carry out the operation.
• Operation cost is very nominal here and can be afforded by all cross-section of people.
• Operation requires no overnight stay in hospital. And even if it is requited then its of a maximum of 1 to 2 days.
• Operation does not require the patient to be anaesthetized. 
• Operation is practically without any blood loss & is stitch less.
• Blood transfusion is not required during / after operation.
• No complications like Incontinance, Stricture etc arise after operation.
• Practically there is no chance of recurrence as our success rate is over 99.4%.

Truths And Facts About Our Operations

• The common notions about operation like bearing huge pain, getting admitted into hospital for 7 to 10 days, run here & there for blood, taking rest for one month after operation have all been changed by us!!!

• In our treatment procedure a very small amount of operation is made at the initial step and that’s all. No further operations are required as the later stages include special reatments by using chemical-cuttery or thermo-cuttery.

• In our operation procedure patient is not required to get itself admitted to hospital and is not even made unconscious during operation. Further our operation does not require 2-3 bottles of blood transfusion like other operations. Moreover a patient may not need to take bed-rest after operation. Even if he is required then its of a very short period.

• After the operation there is neither no chance of Phingstar getting spoiled leading to decrementation of stool retention power nor there is any chance of rectum getting shortened or enlarged. There is NO CHANCE of the disease recurring or resurfacing again after operation. 

About Dr. Partha Sarkar

A pioneer in the field of rectal surgery, Dr. Partha Sarker has been dealing with various types and cases of ano-rectal problems and their permanent solutions for more than 21 years. His method of treatment has been accepted world over and has been credited as one of the unique methods of treatment and solution. 

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